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Horseshoe Bay Business Alliance

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Horseshoe Bay, TX, USA

Reviewed on February 20, 2016. #1 of 2 Reviews

As a member I find the concept very appealing and the staff to be very helpful as well. However the shoplocalhsbba web page is as hard to find as it is to remember. If they can’t find you then they can’t find me through this site. For that reason alone I am giving them 3 stars.

R. Waters

Bayside Fresh Market

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9710 FM2147, Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657, United States

Reviewed on February 20, 2016. #1 of 3 Reviews

Excellent meats, produce and deli along with wonderful service. After spending 30 plus years in the grocery business I find the prices to a bit on the high side which I think would price about half of the HSB market out. However it is a vast improvement over the past owner. I know from being in that business most of my adult life that volume cures many ills so I would think that a boarder appeal would solve many problems.

R. Waters

On The Rocks

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4401 Cottonwood Dr, Cottonwood Shores, TX 78657, United States

Reviewed on February 20, 2016. #1 of 1 Reviews

Dining with a wonderful view, above average food and marginal service. Great entertainment usually and good adult beverages. Areas that could stand improvement would be service and parking lot. Overall good place to hang out!

R. Waters

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